i don’t think anything makes me as angry as hearing people chew does 

kid eating skittles WITH HIS MOUTH OPEN sitting right behind me today

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MANdatory Workout Drill of the Week.

Aside from the other weeks when we have discussed specific drills concerning the glory muscles, this week’s drill we be more emphasized on the swag present in a man’s workout. We all know that the gym is a perfect place to meet the future miss’. However, to be able to make this possible you need to sport a certain gym swag in addition to being able to lift heavy weights and have large glory muscles. In today’s world we know that it is far from the inside that counts, and therefore it is essential to have a buff chest and massive biceps since it will significantly improve your mating status. The gym swag is what perfects the whole package. Picture yourself as a lion on the savannah looking to mate, we all know a lion is insanely strong but it is his roar and overall swag that determines his pack size. Watch and learn from Dom Mazzetti!

“Fuck it, i might just rock a cutoff to the club and sleep in an airplane hangar”
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“Overall score for McDonald’s;
4 turkey basters of oil, plus 7 Rick Ross’, plus the movie Blank Check, plus 5 Lara Croft titties, equals a shame salad with balsamic gonnaregret.

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Bro Tip: Jäger builds muscle


Dom Mazzetti vs. Spring Break 2 (ft. Xtreme Trips)

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